After marriage love relationship problem

In this modern era people face a lot of problems in their life. These problems vary as per the stages of life. One of them is the love problem. These problems arise in both the married as well as unmarried relationship. After getting married people face a lot of problems in their married life. Some face love problems while there are some who face relationship problems. There are various reasons behind after marriage love relationship problem:

  • Extra-marital affairs
  • Differences in trust and understanding
  • Work related problems
  • Financial problems
  • Family issues
  • Lack of responsibility and communication

After marriage love relationship problem

The result of these problems is the same. As it can be the cause of separation among both the individuals. So, one must act at the right time. Otherwise it can worsen their relationship.

There are various people who face after marriage love relationship problem. There are various other reasons behind these problems. Often these problems arise due to our own mistakes which we do in a relationship. We all know that love must exist in a relationship. But sometimes due to misunderstanding one speaks more than enough. Someone gets hurt so much that they do not turn back. Due to ego issues they do not understand the problem. Their relationship comes on the verge of getting separated.

after marriage love relationship problem problem also occur due to poor positions of planets. Our lives are by some means connected with the positions of planets. When they are not at their right position. They produce bad effects. These effects arises disturbances in the life of an individual. A phase comes in the married life of people when both the individuals face problems. These problems make both the individuals frustrated. One tries to sort out the problems. But sometimes nothing works out. People get unhappy. There are some problems which cannot get sort out on our own. One needs proper advice to get solution to these problems. People who try to sort out the problems on their own do not get any solution. But it can worsen the situation.

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